Saturday, 21 May 2016

Are you dealing with a problem child?

This week, the UCB devotional did a series on encouraging parents who are dealing with a problem/difficult child.  Below is a summary of their posts, I know it will bless a parent. 

‘God has a ‘purpose’ for your problem child, so keep loving them and praying for them however long it takes’.

‘When your children are young lay your hands on them and speak God’s Word over their lives. And as they enter their teenage years continue to pray and speak God’s blessing upon them. Fight for your child of promise!

‘When a child grows up and constantly makes bad choices it may not be genetic; it may be that the enemy has targeted them because he’s discerned their destiny. That’s when God steps in’

‘As a parent, when you do your part God will do His. When you do all you can for your child, God will intervene and do what you cannot do’.

He can use every circumstance in child’s past to fuel their future with wisdom and strengthen them to fulfill the thing to which He’s called them. So don’t give up on your child of promise. Pray, ‘Lord, You promised it, I believe it, and it will come to pass!’

I will also add that we need to keep saying what God says about our children even when circumstances are contrary.